Social Signal Processing

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Social Signal Processing is the first book to cover all aspects of the modeling, automated detection, analysis, and synthesis of nonverbal behavior in human-human and human-machine interactions. Authoritative surveys address conceptual foundations, machine analysis and synthesis of social signal processing, and applications. Foundational topics include affect perception and interpersonal coordination in communication ; later chapters cover technologies for automatic detection and understanding such as computational para-linguistics and facial expression analysis and for the generation of artificial social signals such as social robots and artificial agents. The final section covers a broad spectrum of applications based on social signal processing in healthcare, deception detection, and digital cities, including detection of developmental diseases and analysis of small groups. Each chapter offers a basic introduction to its topic, accessible to students and other newcomers, and then outlines challenges and future perspectives for the benefit of experienced researchers and practitioners in the field. Social Signal Processing Image


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Social Signal Processing: Survey of an Emerging Domain (2008) Cached. Download Links ... , title = {Social Signal Processing: Survey of an Emerging Domain}, year = {2008}} Share. OpenURL . Abstract. The ability to understand and manage social signals of a person we are communicating with is the core of social intelligence. Social intelligence is a facet of human intelligence that has been ...

Social Signal Processing (SSP) is the new, emerging domain aimed at understanding social interactions through machine analysis and production of nonverbal behavior. In this course you will learn how next-generation computing can make use of such social signals by giving it the ability to recognize and produce human social signals and social behaviors. Think about turn taking, politeness ...


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